Sunday, April 10, 2011

The beginning.....

"If you build it, "they" will come"

this is my new mantra to stop me from doubting how big this new venture will be!!!!
I have two definate venues - check the side bar --------->>>

and I will be booking in dates tomorrow when I call the places
so make sure you "watch this space".

I am still working out final costs as well as which teachers I will assign to which venue
but at least if I can give you an idea of dates this will help
you plan and decide which one you can attend.

I hope you are able to make one next year as I have so many great ideas I want
to do with the 1st years retreats which will be ONE OFF things to celebrate
SFS Designer Retreats 1st Year.

Till I get set booking dates check out the venues and see what you think
they are both great for many different reasons and I can't wait to use both of them.