Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to "SFS Designer Retreats" new blog

"...Focus on the journey, 
not the destination. 
Joy is found not in finishing an activity 
but in doing it."
Author: Greg Anderson
and I am having SO much fun right now organising a vast array of Scrapbooking Retreats
with my Assistant Retreat Coordinator
[AKA My best friend]
We have started viewing venues, measuring conference rooms, checking out accommodation, 
testing coffees and reading some YUMMO menus in order to find many different venues
but ones that fit the SFS Designer Retreat requirements.

I have been holding retreats in my home for the past 4 years and love having everyone here, cooking, teaching and scrapping - but it is time to expand and venture away from home giving more scrappers the opportunity to become
'one of the flock'

The SFS Retreat@Pete's Place 
will remain the same 
-ALWAYS be held the LAST weekend of October 
and will ALWAYS be held in my home.
This retreat is generally booked out from year to year but 
occasionally a place or two becomes available as a 'one off' attendance
if someone has 'other plans'. 
SO please keep an eye out for this retreat information on the

So then what is an "SFS Designer Retreat" and how is this different I hear you ask  
- well that's easy.....
these Retreats will be held throughout the year, 4-6 in total, at different venues.{not in my home}
They will be 'designed' by me with each of them having a few differences so no retreat is the same.
I have been emailing some very talented Australian Scrappers to ask them if they would like to teach and demonstrate at one of our 'Designer Retreats' and so far the response has been overwhelming. 
Please note if you are a 'Scrapbooking Teacher' and would like to offer your talent to us 
PLEASE email me HERE 
Also if you have been to a class with a great teacher please let me know about it
as word of mouth is my favourite advertising.

I do not have definite dates and venues lined up to give you today 
but I can tell you that "SFS Designer Retreats" have dates put aside in
and maybe
of 2012. 
For 2012 most of these will be held in the Hunter & Central Coast and close surrounding areas 
but we will be looking at venturing further a field in the near future.
Retreats will all be inclusive of 
Accommodation, Meals, tea & coffee, 
morning & afternoon tea, crop room facilities, a goodies bag and demos....
NB: classes will be an extra amount on top of the set retreat cost and will include a 
class kit & a list of tools and any extras required. 
You will be required to book and pay for your class spot prior to the retreat being held.
So now that I have set out a bit of an idea as to what is happening here
I hope you are all hanging with baited breath for more details so 
you can come and experience one of the 
1st "SFS Designer Retreats".
Become a follower and please advertise this blog so that ALL scrappers get to be up to 
date on this exciting NEW venture I am launching.
I am so happy that after 2 years of "talking about it" has finally paid off and I am getting 
some plans set in stone.
I know there will be a retreat to suit everyone 
- and if there isn't contact me 
and tell me where & when you would like a retreat held [obviously within reason]
- get a group for scrappers together and I will organise and run a full retreat with teachers, classes & scrap shop there for all your needs.
Can't get much easier than that. 
So I hope you are now as excited as we are here
let us know by commenting here.

~ Enjoy * Create * Share ~ 



  1. How exciting Peta! Good luck with your new venture! I'm sure you will be an inspiration to many. xxx J xxx

  2. Woohoo !!! Sounds awesome, book me in !!!
    Congratulations Peta, and good luck with it all.

  3. Looking forward to more retreats. Great to see the new venture take it's first steps.

  4. woot woot!! would love to have you closer to home ;) xox

  5. this is awsome Peta and cant wait to see you in the near future

  6. wishing you well on your new Venture Peta.. but with you in charge i know it will be awesome!! cant wait :)

  7. Sounds awesome!!!!! Talking to Don and Mandy about retreats we're looking at doing 2 a year - one down the Hunter and one up the north coast NSW - Can you organise one up here Peta???

  8. I have a few venues im looking at at Port Macquarie - but may come closer to you in the future :)

  9. Sounds great PJ.... Cant wait to find out more!!!

  10. Best wishes for your exciting new venture Peta, it all sound fabulous :)

  11. Sounds wonderful Peta! It's about time I attended one of your retreats and I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  12. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm sounds good :) !!!!!

  13. sds fabulously exciting Peta! best of luck with your new venture! X